Online Marketing Plan: Selling Your Home via the Internet

Avoid "Gimmicks"

Don't be taken by "gimmicky" real estate programs that "promise" to sell your home in a certain period of time - typically offering promises to sell your home in 60 or 90 days.  I've even seen one article entitled, "Sell Your Home in 5 days!"  When you read the fine print or listen to the terms and conditions of these offers, it usually requires you to make upgrades to your home and/or drop your price significantly.  And if they don't sell your home in the timeframe they "guarantee," they usually blame YOU for not following their rules!  

Have a Plan

Real estate market conditions are constantly changing.  Success in selling your home quickly for the maximum market price depends on experience, exposure, and understanding the market conditions as well as taking into consideration YOUR situation around selling your home. Having a tailored online marketing plan for YOUR home is a MUST!

94% of Buyers Use the Internet to Begin their Home Search!

32% of Buyers Found the Home they Purchased via the Internet!

* And the Trend is Increasing every month!

Today's real estate buying has come of age similar to that of car buying.  Most all buyers perform extensive research on the Internet BEFORE ever contacting a real estate agent or seeing a property.  Rest assured, your Del-co Realty Group Realtor® has been trained to listen, be creative, and use proven online sales strategies to get your home sold quickly and for maximum dollar.  We fuse high-tech with high-touch throughout the process, communicating with you regularly.

Del-co Realty Group would love to show you what we can do for you.  Please contact us today!